Rent Hyundai In Sharjah

Rent Hyundai

Rent Hyundai In Sharjah

Rent Hyundai

Rent a Hyundai in Sharjah: Elevate Your Driving Experience

Experience the perfect fusion of style and efficiency by opting to rent a Hyundai from 4Matic Car Rental in Sharjah. The Hyundai lineup, known for its modern design, cutting-edge features, and fuel efficiency, promises a luxurious and smooth drive through the historical sites, cultural attractions, and vibrant streets of Sharjah.

Diverse Fleet: 4Matic’s Commitment to Driving Excellence

At 4Matic Car Rental, we are dedicated to providing a diverse fleet to cater to your driving preferences. Our selection of Hyundai models offers versatility, whether you prefer the compact and fuel-efficient Hyundai Elantra for city exploration or the spacious Hyundai Santa Fe for family adventures. Enjoy a reliable and stylish ride with our well-maintained Hyundai vehicles.

Effortless Booking Experience: Seamless Rental with 4Matic

Renting a Hyundai in Sharjah is a stress-free experience with 4Matic Car Rental’s commitment to convenience. Whether you opt for online booking or use our user-friendly mobile application, securing your preferred Hyundai is just a few clicks away. Enjoy an intuitive booking process that puts you in control of your journey.

Personalized Support: Your Comfort, Our Priority

At 4Matic Car Rental, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7, ensuring a stress-free and memorable rental period. Whether you have specific inquiries about your Hyundai rental, need assistance during your trip, or seek recommendations for the best driving routes in Sharjah, our team is ready to enhance your driving experience.

Fully Insured: Drive with Peace of Mind

Drive with peace of mind, knowing that every Hyundai in our fleet comes with comprehensive insurance coverage. 4Matic Car Rental ensures you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances, providing you with the confidence to explore Sharjah’s cultural treasures, historical landmarks, and lively streets.

Sharjah Exploration: Hyundai’s Modern Design

Explore Sharjah’s cultural richness and historical significance in a Hyundai, celebrated for its modern design and advanced features. Whether you’re visiting the Sharjah Art Museum, experiencing the charm of Al Qasba, or taking a scenic drive along the Corniche, your Hyundai ensures a comfortable and stylish journey.

Hyundai Comfort: Efficient and Sophisticated Driving

Hyundai vehicles are renowned for their efficiency and sophistication. Whether you choose the compact Hyundai Accent for city exploration or the versatile Hyundai Tucson for a family drive, each model offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance, making it an ideal choice for your Sharjah adventure.

Exquisite Events: Drive in Style for Every Occasion

Renting a Hyundai from 4Matic Car Rental is perfect for various occasions. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a family road trip, or a business excursion, the Hyundai lineup provides a reliable and stylish means of transportation, adding a touch of sophistication to every drive.

Timeless Reliability: Embracing Hyundai’s Legacy

Hyundai has a legacy of delivering vehicles that prioritize reliability and modern design. With 4Matic Car Rental, you have the opportunity to experience this legacy firsthand. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with renting a Hyundai, knowing that you are driving a vehicle that combines functionality with contemporary style.

Beyond Rental: An Investment in Luxurious Journeys

Renting a Hyundai with 4Matic Car Rental is more than just transportation; it’s an investment in luxurious journeys. The Hyundai lineup is designed to make your driving experience smooth and enjoyable, offering the perfect blend of style, reliability, and modern design.


In the realm of car rentals in Sharjah, 4Matic Car Rental stands as a symbol of luxury and driving excellence. Rent a Hyundai with us and explore Sharjah in style and comfort, experiencing the perfect fusion of modern design and reliability in this culturally rich emirate.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When seeking to rent a car in Sharjah or any other Emirate, you will need to present a valid UAE driving license or an international driving license, depending on whether you are a resident or a visitor.

If your driving license is issued from one of the following countries, consider yourself fortunate, as it is recognized as valid in the UAE.

Canada (Quebec*)
Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand

If your country is not included in the list, please ensure that you possess a valid International Driving Permit (IDP).

4Matic Car Rental offers an excellent option for individuals looking to hire a car without holding a driver’s license. Our skilled drivers guarantee a memorable and secure driving experience, regardless of the car you choose to rent. This way, you can unwind and appreciate the scenery while exploring the city.



Q&A: The specific documentation requirements vary depending on your country of origin and whether you are a resident of the UAE or a tourist.

For UAE residents, the process is streamlined and swift, necessitating only four documents: passport copies, a residential visa, Emirates ID, and a valid UAE Driving License.Tourists have slightly different document requirements, including a passport, visa with entry stamp, a valid driving license from their home country, and either an international driving permit or an international driving license. However, if you possess a passport from GCC, US, UK, Canada, or certain other countries, you can use your home country’s license for driving.

To verify your eligibility for renting a car in Sharjah, please ensure that your driving license is valid for driving in the UAE.

Can I get this car delivered?

4Matic Car Rental offers delivery upon request to your location (view fast delivery locations) within Sharjah. However, free pick-up from their branch in Business bay is available during office hours.

How much I will be charged for crossing salik gate?

You will be charged AED 5upon crossing every salik (toll) gate. You will be billed at the end of your rental duration. The salik amount may be deducted from your security deposit or you can pay for it separately.

What type of vehicle insurance will I receive by default?

As per RTA, all rental cars in the UAE are provided with comprehensive insurance (a.k.a. basic insurance). This means that by default, you are covered incase of an accidental damage provided it isn’t your fault. A police report must be obtained at the time of an accident. Your rental amount includes basic coverage. Most car rental companies provide CDW (collision damage waiver) for an additional charge. This covers you for any accidental damage by your own fault as well. However, a valid police report is still required for coverage.

When I will get my security deposit back?

The car rental security deposit between AED 1000 – AED 10,000 is taken at the start of rental. It is released max 30 days after the car is returned. It may be returned to you by bank transfer, cash deposit into your bank account or cheque. Security block by credit card pre-authorization is better as it is automatically released by the bank on the same credit card within 30 days.

What is mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?

All rental cars come with standard mileage limit based on your rental period. However, some companies offer unlimited mileage as well. Custom mileage limit packages for an additional charge may be available. To calculate your mileage, the car rental agreement mentions the km on the car’s odometer at the start of your rental. If you exceed the allowed kms, additional charges apply. For this car, AED 15 / km is chargeable above the included mileage limit.

What is the minimum age limit to hire a car in the UAE?

The legal age to rent a vehicle (car, van, pick-up truck, SUV or any other) in the UAE is 21 years as per RTA regulations. However, this largely depends on the insurance policy issued to the car by the car rental company. The minimum age may be 23 years and even 25 years, in some cases. The minimum age to rent the listed car is 18 years. Please contact the supplier for more details.

Can I rent this car with a new driving license in Sharjah?

If you have a new driving license that’s less than six months old, please check with the car rental agent as the requirement varies based on the insurance policy of the respective car. Some are available for new driving license holders at a higher security deposit amount, with limited insurance coverage and liable for higher excess fee while others are only available with older licenses. All cars can be rented with a valid driving license older than six months.